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Painting   &  Airbrushing

There is hardly anything that can not be "upgraded" with colourful designs .....:D

I am not the traditional painter, who thinks "airbrushing" is limited to paint shop work, and has nothing to do with arts at all.

However - I'm not the radical airbrushing person either, who will put any effort into masking off even the smallest line, and spray paint even that.

The "air"brush is just another type of brush to me, that has different characterisitics in how to get the paint onto the canvas (or whatever else). 



You can view the galleries in the german part- later I'm going to import them here, too. 


Usually I paint with acrylics, mixed techniques - airbrush, brush, sponge, a large spaygun, pallette knife -- or also with plain my fingers ;) .
I use the tool, that is most effective to achieve what is required.


Else - what I'm painting on determines the type of paint I use, the creation is supposed to last in the end. There is hardly any suface, that cannot be painted. 



For the clear coat, that is neccessary to protect car- and motorcycle parts, trucks and helmets I give the parts to a professional paint spray shop. They have the dust free rooms and the knowledge to bring the airbrush to perfection. 

 When I get a new order the creative prcess is usually like this:

I meet the customer, take a look at the location or object, listen to his ideas.

I make one or more scetches, put a concept together. When accepted I can also give a price.

However - I also have customers, that do not even want to see a scetch or concept -- they just let me do, and trust in the outcome. For me those are the most wonderfull projects, because so often the best ideas pop up when I'm working on sth. If I don't have to stick with a scetch at that point, the outcome is much better usually. 



A totally different dimension of work are showmens rides. Just the sheer spacial dimensions are a challenge.  It has also happended that -viewing the gray primered monster crying for colour- I asked myself, what kind of crazy project did I accept here?!  However - no guts, no glory!!!  Challenges are to be mastered. 

Exact plans and detailed scetches are neccessary, because at that size it is almost impossible to just work by intuition, proportions are hard to estimate. Also the airbrush ist definitely the wrong tool, it has to be regular sprayguns, or big brushes/rollers.